10 Ways To Reuse Your Old Bedsheets

Ever wondered what to do with your old bedsheets when you are not “feeling” them anymore? Give them away? But to who? Throw them away? But it cost so much. Turn them into rags?
Source: blog.fabric.com
Well, here are  few ideas of what to do with those sheets you don’t want on your bed anymore:

1.       Donate to your local charity. They won’t mind old...as long as it is clean.
2.       Use as a light diffuser for photography.
3.       Make kitchen curtains.
4.       Sew a new cover for your ironing board. Makes ironing feel less like a chore if the board is covered in new colourful design.
5.       Sew a trendy laundry bag.#
6.       Cut them into dusting clothes.
7.       Make some aprons for yourself. They are meant to get dirty anyways.
8.       Use as drop clothes for your next painting project to protect the floor.
9.       Cut and make into pillow cases if only part of the sheet is damaged.
10.   Cut them up and use to make and stuff throw pillows.
Source: www.homesessive.com
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