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#1. Peacock Blu

{Kingsize with 4 Pillows}

How Often Should You Change Your Bed Sheets?


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So, the other day, I posed this question to friends, colleagues...and some random people: “How often do you change your bed sheets?” While some said one week, quite a few said biweekly. However a couple did say once every month or so. Their argument: Why change it if it isn’t dirty? It’s not as if they roll in the mud with some pigs and wipe of the mud with their bed sheets.
Wow. One week, I understand and applaud. Biweekly, I hear you. But...one month? I don’t get this...well not unless you are the live-life-on-edge kind of person and sorta relishes how your dirty sheets run you the risk of having acne, causing nasty blemishes. Or maybe you hate to sleep alone and thoroughly enjoy the company of dust mites? Or maybe you consider your body secretions soooo precious, you’d rather bask in them in the filthy bed sheets!
Yep, dirty sheets, especially dirty pillows {with all that drool} can call forth all these and more. Imagine what happens every night to your sheets as you rest on your most sanction of places. While you sleep, your body sheds dead skin cells, you secrete oils from your skin, your body sweats and to top it off, you may often leave small amounts of fluids from our groin region {...or those the kids leave in no small amounts!}. On top of all of that, if you’re in a healthy relationship, it’s likely you have sex in your sheets every week which leaves behind even more stuff.

How does this affect your health?