Season's Greetings

It has been a journey; 2012 indeed have been a journey and we are thankful for all of you that came along this journey with us.

The year was not without its struggles but still, it has been an amazing one thus far. You, our customers, followers, fans undoubtedly contributed to our blessings.

We would love to use this medium to appreciate you, our customers, both new and existing, and most especially our loyal customers who come back, unquestionably, year on year to seek our wonderful products. We love that you've made us your first stop choice. For supporting us, we are grateful and from the bottom of our hearts, we say THANK YOU.

From the team (yes, we are growing!) here at Beddings 'n' Beyond, we wish you and yours a very Merry filled with joy, laughter, love and blessings even as we pray for a Blessed 'n' Enriched New Year in advance.

Cheer to 2013!!!



Finally, the day is here...

We have a brand new “tear-rubber” home!!
Beddings ‘n' Beyond has a new online home!!!

“Beddings ‘n' Beyond [my] is a company committed to making and selling the finest in beddings and soft furnishings. The quality of our products combined with our dedication to great customer services and prompt delivery makes us your go-to place for all sheets, cozy, comfortable and stylish.

At Beddings ‘n' Beyond, we believe that everybody should have access to quality beddings without the nightmare of compromised quality and exorbitant price tags. We pride ourselves on the quality (thread count, durability, colourfastness, shrinkage) and diversity of our sheets, and on competitive pricing...”

While some of the pieces we stock are one-of-a-kind and as such will have limited
stock, most of our bedding sets are available on request...all tailored locally! Every once...

7 Inexpensive Ways To Rejuvenate A Bedroom

My bedroom is my haven away from the stresses and strains of my busy lifestyle and as such, I want it as aesthetically appealing and relaxing as my budget can carry. It is possible to get bored with the space you have at the moment and just want to redecorate. It is actually quite easy to alter the look of one’s master bedroom without emptying your bank account. Simply using a little ingenuity on your part will significantly help to enhance the appearance.

1.     Clear the Clutter: Because we feel the bedroom is not easily accessible to the disapproving eyes of guests, we tend to use it as a dumping ground. The first step to rejuvenating a bedroom is to de-clutter. Be ruthless: If you haven’t used something in six months, toss it. Give ‘em to charity...or if you are a pack-rat as most of us are, stow them neatly away under you beds or in a garage. De-clutter! Cost: =N= 0.00
Hey! Hey!! Hey...
Do you get as excited as we do at the sight of fabulous beddings? You do? Awesome! Then you’ll be Beyond excited to learn that not only are these beddings fabulous, they are pure cotton, particularly cool and soothing to the skin, long lasting and washes rather well. In three words: Comfort Meets Style. Below are some of what we have in stock for sale. Interested in making a purchase? Kindly contact us by:
Twitter: @_beddingsrus_
We deliver within and outside Lagos. Delivery charges may apply.
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#1. Peacock Blu

{Kingsize with 4 Pillows}

How Often Should You Change Your Bed Sheets?


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So, the other day, I posed this question to friends, colleagues...and some random people: “How often do you change your bed sheets?” While some said one week, quite a few said biweekly. However a couple did say once every month or so. Their argument: Why change it if it isn’t dirty? It’s not as if they roll in the mud with some pigs and wipe of the mud with their bed sheets.
Wow. One week, I understand and applaud. Biweekly, I hear you. month? I don’t get this...well not unless you are the live-life-on-edge kind of person and sorta relishes how your dirty sheets run you the risk of having acne, causing nasty blemishes. Or maybe you hate to sleep alone and thoroughly enjoy the company of dust mites? Or maybe you consider your body secretions soooo precious, you’d rather bask in them in the filthy bed sheets!
Yep, dirty sheets, especially dirty pillows {with all that drool} can call forth all these and more. Imagine what happens every night to your sheets as you rest on your most sanction of places. While you sleep, your body sheds dead skin cells, you secrete oils from your skin, your body sweats and to top it off, you may often leave small amounts of fluids from our groin region {...or those the kids leave in no small amounts!}. On top of all of that, if you’re in a healthy relationship, it’s likely you have sex in your sheets every week which leaves behind even more stuff.

How does this affect your health?

#Beddings'n'Beyond BlogSALE!!

The day is finally here!!! The maiden edition of Beddings 'n' Beyond blogsale.

The rules are simple:

1. See item(s) you like from this collection?
2. Send an e-mail with product name/number, your name, contact number and preferred address for delivery to
3. Please note that delivery charges may apply!
4. You will recieve a reply shortly (or within 24hours) which would include payment and delivery information.
5. First e-mail in on any piece gets it.
6. Finally, you cannot cancel an order once we recieve your e-mail. Please, be pretty sure you want what you want!

That's all, Folks. Let's go shopping...'n' Beyond!

#1: Purple Heart

 SOLD!!   {4.5x6 with 2 pillow cases} Was N5,500 Now N4,500

BLOGSALE: Wild on Quality..Tame on Prices


Beddings ‘n’ Beyond is finally going to have its first blog sale this Saturday. I have made such noise about a Beddings ‘n’ Beyond sale in the past...and i have put it off countless time. Not anymore. It is happening on Saturday 23rd June.
The brand prides itself on retailing quality beddings with reasonable price tags. For the purpose of this sale though, the prices are going to be better than reasonable: all flatsheets will retail for N6000 or less! If you are interested in purchasing any piece, you would be required to send an e-mail to
Time is 12noon. Venue is right here on this blog.
For those that follow @_beddingsrus_ on Twitter (you should follow if you aint already), i was gonna tweet a sneak peak but i will do one better: Look through our previous posts....a few of them are part of the sales bunch! Am i nice or what? Hope to see y’all on Saturday. Oh, and don't keep to yourself. Share the love!
God bless...x

Test Post

Hello. Its been a long minute. Im trying to give this here blog a facelift, hence the title of the post. Pay no notice to it. Ok, i'm outta here. Will be back as soon as this project is all done.

Toodles, Divas...x. And oh, Happy 2012. Wow, this is actually my first post of the year! Just WOW!