Finally, the day is here...

We have a brand new “tear-rubber” home!!
Beddings ‘n' Beyond has a new online home!!!

“Beddings ‘n' Beyond [my company...lol] is a company committed to making and selling the finest in beddings and soft furnishings. The quality of our products combined with our dedication to great customer services and prompt delivery makes us your go-to place for all sheets, cozy, comfortable and stylish.

At Beddings ‘n' Beyond, we believe that everybody should have access to quality beddings without the nightmare of compromised quality and exorbitant price tags. We pride ourselves on the quality (thread count, durability, colourfastness, shrinkage) and diversity of our sheets, and on competitive pricing...”

While some of the pieces we stock are one-of-a-kind and as such will have limited
stock, most of our bedding sets are available on request...all tailored locally! Every once...