10 Ways To Reuse Your Old Bedsheets


Ever wondered what to do with your old bedsheets when you are not “feeling” them anymore? Give them away? But to who? Throw them away? But it cost so much. Turn them into rags?
Source: blog.fabric.com
Well, here are  few ideas of what to do with those sheets you don’t want on your bed anymore:

1.       Donate to your local charity. They won’t mind old...as long as it is clean.
2.       Use as a light diffuser for photography.
3.       Make kitchen curtains.
4.       Sew a new cover for your ironing board. Makes ironing feel less like a chore if the board is covered in new colourful design.
5.       Sew a trendy laundry bag.#
6.       Cut them into dusting clothes.
7.       Make some aprons for yourself. They are meant to get dirty anyways.
8.       Use as drop clothes for your next painting project to protect the floor.
9.       Cut and make into pillow cases if only part of the sheet is damaged.
10.   Cut them up and use to make and stuff throw pillows.
Source: www.homesessive.com
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Know Your Bedding Material ~ Sateen


Your bedding makes a big difference in the quality of your sleep, and sheets make a big difference in the quality of your bedding. While Cotton is still king in the world of sheets, that doesn't mean there aren't other options. We’ve covered Silk, Polyester and Poly-CottonBlends. Today is all about Sateen.


Sateen is usually a cotton fabric that has a soft feel. Like percale, sateen does not refer to the material of the sheet. It refers to the method in which the sheet was woven. The weave is what gives the sateen sheet its soft, luxurious feel. The material is lustrious and smooth to the touch. Only carded or combed yarns are used. The best quality sateen is mercerized to give it a higher sheen.
Pros: Sateen offers the luxurious feel and soft texture of satin. Durable, long lasting and machine washable.

Cons: Slippery, especially when wearing satin or silk pjs. Also slightly irritable; the material highly resembles silk and can cause a person to sweat.

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Know Your Bedding Material ~ PolyCotton Blend


Poly-Cotton Blend:
A poly-cotton blend is just as its name suggests; a blend of polyester and cotton fibres.

Photo credit: Macy’s

Pros: A polyester-cotton blend can be versatile, retaining the coolness and lightness of the cotton fibre, but also adding the strength, durability and wrinkle-resistance of polyester. This 50-50 Poly-Cotton blend is often preferred by most bedding companies as it only shrinks slightly in comparison to 100% cotton, and is extremely easy to sew.

Cons: The blend does not “breathe” or stay as cool as the pure cotton.

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Know Your Bedding Material ~ Polyester



Polyester is a man-made and natural fibre produced from polymers. Polyester is a strong fibre that keeps its shape and resists wrinkling. Sheets made from this material are often found in homes and hotels where durability, not necessarily comfort, is a major concern.

Photo credit: Overstock

Know Your Bedding Material ~ Silk



Silk is luxurious, soft fibre produced from silk worms. The three main varieties are the Wild Silk {harvested from wild silk worms}, the Tussah Silk from the east {with a deep tone to it} and the 100% Mulberry Silk {which is the "Rolls Royce" of silks}. They create a silky, cool alternative for warm days and romantic nights. Because it is naturally hypo-allergenic, it is an alternative for people who suffer from allergies.

Photo credit: Elle Silk

Know Your Bedding Material ~ Cotton


When shopping for bed sheets, there's a lot to consider. Colour, size and style are all important factors you’ll definitely have to think about when looking for that “purr”fect sheet but the most important of all, is the fabric! The fabric of your sheets will determine how rested you wake next day. Yep, that important!
Everyone has their favourites amongst these sheets fabrics. This post, and the ones that would follow, will shed some light on their varying characteristics and how they works for you.


Made from the pod of a cotton plant, Cotton is the all-natural fibre most favoured and most used for bed sheets since it is most durable, most breathable and the softest. A prime example is the Egyptian cotton, the most luxurious of cottons, often used in high quality and very expensive bed sheets.
Photo credit: Horchow

#Giveaway ~ Win Floral Vine Bedsheet From Beddings 'n' Beyond


So, we partnered with Femme Lounge for their March Giveaway edition. Femme Lounge is all about Women’s Opinions, Issues, Debates, Advice & News. At Femme Lounge, questions women have but are not sure should be asked are talked about and alternative viewpoints provided on topics.
This giveaway runs until the end of March.

Giveaway Description
This is a modern casual flat sheet that adds a dynamic look to any bedroom with its cool mature colours.
Bedding fabric: 100% Cotton
Tailored to fit: 6 x 7
Pack contains: 1 Flatsheet, 4 Pillowcases
Machine washable: Softness enhanced with each washing.

#Colourspiration ~ Emerald



When Pantone announced Emerald as the Color of the year 2013, a lot of folks were excited. I actually rolled my eyes. Green has never been a personal favourite, not after we moved into that house with the nastiest shade of green in the living room. Nasty memory aside tho, the truth is that there’s a lot to love about the colour green. Not only is it a happy colour, a natural part of earth’s colour scheme, emerald green is one the few colours everyone looks great in, regardless of skin tone! What’s not to love about it?
While i still prefer my emeralds as rocks, here are few ideas on how to incorporate it into your overall home decor:

1. Throw Pillows: Solids, patterned, bejewelled. Throw pillows offer the best ways to accentuate a space.


Best "Laid" Plans


One of our bestselling bedding, the Enchante reversible bedding set has a very simple but unique proposition to it: to change the look of your room, all you gotta do is flip it!

Read this supremely hilarious blogpost by @Joysuo featuring this bedding set. Read it here.

Also available in this collection is the EPaisley kingsize flatsheet.

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Eclectic Mix of Prints



Make a statement with colour blocking and a collage of prints to give your room a fashion-forward twist. Mix and match bold shapes with a range of striking fabrics for a look that showcases your personal style.

The "Shout" Capsule Collection at dfs.
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Beautiful Beginnings: Ifeanyi x Idris



That’s one way to describe weddings. The start of a journey, the beginning of the rest of a couple’s life. Often times, the couple is so caught up with sorting out the finer details of the wedding ceremony and the attending celebrations that nobody gives a thought...or two, to the bedroom that they would come back to. Which is why this request by the groom, was particularly endearing.

A week to his wedding of February 9, Idris, a huge believer in the Beddings ‘n’ Beyond brand, called in with just one simple request: “Make my bedroom beautiful for my wife to come home to! Do what you gotta do!”
And we did. New mattress-new pillows-new bedding later, we had a room with fresh ambience, ready for the new couple. Here’s a peek at the end product...

Pink Vs Red: Universal Colour of Love


Strength and braveness...
Subtle and bold...
Pink or Red...
Which is your colour of love?

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

I love love love the last room. Too cute!
Pink or Red...
I chose Pink...and i've never really been a pink person?


2013 Is Here! Happy New Year!


New Year comes to give us a fresh hope

For a better future and success

New Year gives us dream for that

We will face challenges with confidence
On this New Year may your dreams and hopes

Succeed with the blessings of God, our Father
Happy New Year and Seasons greetings