Know Your Bedding Material ~ Silk


Silk is luxurious, soft fibre produced from silk worms. The three main varieties are the Wild Silk {harvested from wild silk worms}, the Tussah Silk from the east {with a deep tone to it} and the 100% Mulberry Silk {which is the "Rolls Royce" of silks}. They create a silky, cool alternative for warm days and romantic nights. Because it is naturally hypo-allergenic, it is an alternative for people who suffer from allergies.

Photo credit: Elle Silk
Pros: Remarkable ability to keep warm when it’s cool, & keep cool when the weather is warm; highly inhospitable to dust mites and as such suitable for people suffer allergies, highly durable.

Cons: Expensive. Less variety as it comes mostly in solid colours.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?  Tell us.

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