Know Your Bedding Material ~ Cotton

When shopping for bed sheets, there's a lot to consider. Colour, size and style are all important factors you’ll definitely have to think about when looking for that “purr”fect sheet but the most important of all, is the fabric! The fabric of your sheets will determine how rested you wake next day. Yep, that important!
Everyone has their favourites amongst these sheets fabrics. This post, and the ones that would follow, will shed some light on their varying characteristics and how they works for you.


Made from the pod of a cotton plant, Cotton is the all-natural fibre most favoured and most used for bed sheets since it is most durable, most breathable and the softest. A prime example is the Egyptian cotton, the most luxurious of cottons, often used in high quality and very expensive bed sheets.
Photo credit: Horchow

Pro: Light, cool to the skin, comfortable, absorbent, easy to dye, and most importantly, can withstand high temperature.

Con: Expensive, does not take to dyes as easily as synthetic fibres, wrinkles easily and shrinks with washing. Cotton also tends to rip and wear out easily.
In your opinion, does the pros outweigh the cons? Tell us.

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