Know Your Bedding Material ~ Sateen

Your bedding makes a big difference in the quality of your sleep, and sheets make a big difference in the quality of your bedding. While Cotton is still king in the world of sheets, that doesn't mean there aren't other options. We’ve covered Silk, Polyester and Poly-CottonBlends. Today is all about Sateen.


Sateen is usually a cotton fabric that has a soft feel. Like percale, sateen does not refer to the material of the sheet. It refers to the method in which the sheet was woven. The weave is what gives the sateen sheet its soft, luxurious feel. The material is lustrious and smooth to the touch. Only carded or combed yarns are used. The best quality sateen is mercerized to give it a higher sheen.
Pros: Sateen offers the luxurious feel and soft texture of satin. Durable, long lasting and machine washable.

Cons: Slippery, especially when wearing satin or silk pjs. Also slightly irritable; the material highly resembles silk and can cause a person to sweat.

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