#Colourspiration ~ Emerald


When Pantone announced Emerald as the Color of the year 2013, a lot of folks were excited. I actually rolled my eyes. Green has never been a personal favourite, not after we moved into that house with the nastiest shade of green in the living room. Nasty memory aside tho, the truth is that there’s a lot to love about the colour green. Not only is it a happy colour, a natural part of earth’s colour scheme, emerald green is one the few colours everyone looks great in, regardless of skin tone! What’s not to love about it?
While i still prefer my emeralds as rocks, here are few ideas on how to incorporate it into your overall home decor:

1. Throw Pillows: Solids, patterned, bejewelled. Throw pillows offer the best ways to accentuate a space.

2.   Lampshades: Basic doesn't have to be boring. Incorporate colour in your living or bed space with your favourite lampshade.

3.  Bedding: Mix it up or not, the right blend of colours in a bedding will transform a room, from drab to fab in a heart beat.

Colours that would truly complement the emerald hue would include but are not limited to Brown, Black, Coral, Light Blue, Light Pink, Sapphire, Peach, White, Mint.
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