Beautiful Beginnings: Ifeanyi x Idris


That’s one way to describe weddings. The start of a journey, the beginning of the rest of a couple’s life. Often times, the couple is so caught up with sorting out the finer details of the wedding ceremony and the attending celebrations that nobody gives a thought...or two, to the bedroom that they would come back to. Which is why this request by the groom, was particularly endearing.

A week to his wedding of February 9, Idris, a huge believer in the Beddings ‘n’ Beyond brand, called in with just one simple request: “Make my bedroom beautiful for my wife to come home to! Do what you gotta do!”
And we did. New mattress-new pillows-new bedding later, we had a room with fresh ambience, ready for the new couple. Here’s a peek at the end product...

The wife loved what she came home to but was mostly moved by the thought behind the actions. Don’t you just love deliciously romantic guys? We are so happy to be part of their journey and we wish Idris x Ifeanyi a happy married life!
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