I Heart Kiddies (2)

So, you do want the drama associated with the colour white, especially with children {check last post}, this purple number, sans the cartoon character works just fine for your little ones {especially the girls} and the young at heart. No need restricting it to just children...i have rocked this bedsheet, ON MY GROWN-UP BED!

· This bedding sheet set features a lovely blend of the colours pink and purple
· Sheet is cool and soothing on the skin, almost feels like a human's caress
· Machine wash. Softness enhanced with each washing
· Tailor to fit any bed size and with 2-4 pillowcases
· Duvets and duvet covers are avaliable on request
· Material: Cotton
· Color: Purple
Prices are beyond reasonable for this quality buy. Interested? Contact me on:
phone: +234-803-5643392

Think Comfort; Think Style; Think Bedding'n'Beyond!

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