Passion. Peace & Purity

This bed is just ready for a romping session. The red in the bedsheet speaks excitement, passion, desire, love. Ahhhhhh. Blue, of course, is the clour you wanna court in the bedroom. Peace, calm, tranquility...the very thing you'd want in a sanctuary. And then, there's the cleanliness of the colour White.

All these positive vibes from a bedsheet! Order yours today....

· This bedding sheet comes in two colour designs: the white background and the red background designs
· Color of this bedding sheet leaves your space looking clean and stylish
· Sheet is cool and soothing on the skin, almost feels like a human's caress
· Machine wash. Softness enhanced with each washing. The red might run but leaves no stains
· Tailor to fit any bed size and with 4 pillowcases
· Duvets and duvet covers are also avaliable
· Material: Cotton
· Color: Blue, Red, White
Prices are beyond reasonable for this quality buy. Interested? Contact me on:
phone: +234-803-5643392

Think Comfort; Think Style; Think Bedding'n'Beyond!

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