I love bedsheets...this is an obvious statement. On one of my rounds on the internet scouting for new designs, i came across this picture below:

You can imagine the windeck i did when i found out that my up-and-coming self have this material in stock. See...


Flatsheet with 4 pillows 
· This bedding sheet set features leaf pattern
· Color leaves make this bedding sheet stylish and elegant
· Experience true luxury when you sleep on these high quality sheets
· Machine wash. Softness enhanced with each washing
· Tailor to fit a 6x7 bed
· Material: Cotton
· Color: Pink
This particular design is favourite of mine! I "imposed" it on most of my as such, i've got limited stock of this. Interested? Contact me on:
phone: +234-803-5643392

*Duvets and duvet covers are available on request. Tell your friends!

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